Maintenance Companies and Manufacturers

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If you run an aviation maintenance shop or your business is a manufacturer you could become liable for different reasons. You are exposed for damage to aircraft in care and custody, for improper or faulty maintenance, defective spares sold or installed, faulty construction or production and other reasons, resulting from an occurrence with property damage or bodily injuries.

With a general liability insurance, you can protect yourselves against the consequences of such incidents adding the modules you need. We assist you in choosing the right insurance coverage.

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General Liability Insurance consists of four main coverages you might consider:

Under the Premises Legal Liability coverage is granted for bodily injury and property damage around your premises and elsewhere in course of your Aviation Operation. The coverage includes subsidiary insurance coverage for vehicle airside and can be extended to include your liability as tenant of premises.

The Hanger Keeper Liability is designed to cover your legal liability for property damage to third party equipment (aircraft, spares, etc.) which are stored at your hangar or premises. As an option insurance can be extended to In-Flight Hangar Keeper Coverage for repositioning flights performed by your flight crew on behalf of your company.
(Note: Such coverage does not protect bad workmanship or parts in work under maintenance).

Under the Products Liability coverage is provided for Bodily Injury and Property Damage after the delivery of the aircraft to your costumer or after having provided any service.

The Grounding Liability protect you from demands caused by an official grounding by a CAA or another aviation authority as a consequence of a maintenance failure or production error. The financial consequences of a grounding your are responsible for (as manufacturer) can affect you and/or your organization in a very hard way.

The coverages mentioned above (except Grounding Liability) respond to bodily injuries and property damage including financial loss, subject there is an occurrence or an incident you or your organisation are responsible for.

If you should become legally liable without having caused an occurrence, i.e an maintenance error leads to delay you need cover for pure financial loss. Such coverage is possible by a Professional Indemnity policy that protects against Error and Omission.

Such covers are essential not only to pay in case of a valid claim but also to defend you from unjustified claims.

Please contact us in order to assess together your needs and provide you with a tailor-made solution which fully fits your needs.