Aircraft Operator / Air Carrier

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As Operator / Air Carrier you could become liable – not only for aircraft related risks – but also out of various other activities of you company that could cause property damage or bodily injuries to third parties. Risks may occur as owner or as tenant of your Premises and elsewhere, but also as Hangar-Keeper storing and handling aircrafts on the ground, as fuel or small Service Provider or if you take care of freight, cargo and baggage.

If you run a Flight Academy or a Flying School, please click here.

Depending on your activities you should also consider your exposure if you are a Air Charter Broker, an Aircraft and Crew Manager or as an Aviation Consultant that can lead to pure financial losses; click here to get more information about.

As wide as your services are, as tailor-made your insurance solution should be. We support analysing your exposures and insuring your risks.

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A General Liability Policy covers your Organisation for activities not directly related to the operation of aircraft containing normally the following:

  1. The Insurance for Premises protects generally against legal liability claims for bodily injury and/or property damage after an incident occurred at your premises and elsewhere in course of your Aviation Activities. The coverage includes – if required – insurance for vehicles airside, your liability as tenant of premises and/or for Environmental Harm.
  2. The Hanger Keeper’s Liability Insurance is designed to cover incidental damage to property of third party equipment like aircraft or spares, etc. in your care and custody, stored inside your hangar or at your premises. This coverage can be extended to include repositioning flights of such aircrafts performed by your flight crew for your clients (In-Flight Hangar Keeper Insurance).
  3. The Products Liability coverage protects against demands for incidental Bodily Injury and Property Damage in connection with the services provided to an aircraft. Such claims normally arrive after handover of the aircraft to your costumer.


Be aware that aircraft registered (at the Civil Aviation Authority) under your company name but owned by third parties are not considered to be property of third parties and therefore not automatically covered by this insurance.

Pure financial loss is generally excluded from this insurance. It can be claimed and is covered only as a direct consequence of incidental bodily injury or property damage.