Helicopter / Rotor Wings

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If you own or operate helicopter(s) you are aware that Rotor Wings have a wide range of uses. Insurance wise they are like fixed wing aircraft if you use them privately only or for commercial passenger transport.

It differences remarkably if they are used for primary rescue or any kind of aerial work (Special Operations), it is essential that your coverage is tailor-made to your activities. This is what we are specialized in offering our support and assistance to you.

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Helicopter / Rotor Wings

Aviation law requires that you take out mandatory Legal Liability Insurance which protects you in case of an accident from demands of third parties and passengers. Coverage is provided for personal injury of passengers and third parties as well as for property damage to them. It is legally required that such cover is also effective in case of an act of terrorism or sabotage. The minimum Sum Insured is defined in various regulations and internationally harmonised. These minima are mostly not sufficient to cover your real liability risk.

If you want to protect your assets, Hull Insurance is the way to go. The purpose of this coverage is to protect you from the financial consequences of a loss of or damage to your aircraft. Financial institutions such as a bank or leasing company require hull insurance as security for loans or to cover their assets under a leasing agreement.

Hull Deductible Insurance should be considered if the Hull Deductible of your primary Hull Insurance reaches an amount you are not able to or you don’t want to afford. With a Hull Deductible Insurance, you can reduce your deductible as per policy to a reasonable amount.

Standard Hull Insurance does not cover malicious damages or sabotage to your aircraft. You are free to cover this by Hull War Insurance that grants coverage for strikes, riots, civil commotions, malicious acts, acts of sabotage, terrorism and much more. This coverage might be required by your bank/ leasing company if they are financing your aircraft.

In addition, we recommend to you an additional Personal Accident Insurance to cover the pilots and crew members, as they standard wise are not covered by the Liability Insurance of the aircraft. Such coverage is also available for passengers ensuring fast and sufficient settlement keeping you able to respond immediately and to maintain your good reputation.

If you are caring External Load for transport purposes, construction, logging, firefighting, or other kind of arial work such as photo / filming / surveillance / avalanche blasting / etcetera, these special requirements need to be considered. The same applies for Rescue Operations such as HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service), HEC (Human External Cargo) and similar operations.

Please contact us in order to assess together your needs and provide you with a tailor-made solution which fully fits your needs.