Flying School

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If you run a flying school / flight academy (ATO/DTO), whether for Fixed Wing or Rotor Wing Aircraft, you should protect yourself and your Flight Instructors (FI) and Examiners (EX) with public liability insurance.

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Flying School

The Flight Instructor’s Liability Insurance protects your flight school and employees against demands in the event of an accident in connection with school operations, especially in the event of bodily injury. The student pilots, whether in basic or advanced training, are not considered passengers and therefore not covered by the aircraft’s liability insurance. It is highly recommended to clarify the student’s insurance situation before starting instruction.

As a rule, the Flight Instructor’s liability insurance for flight schools does not provide direct insurance cover for an aircraft damaged during training. Therefore, it is essential that you clarify the Hull coverage if you are instructing on aircraft of third party and to find an agreement what should be applicable in case of a loss

Trial flights are insurance wise not considered as an activity falling under the flying school’s’ activity but are deemed to be private or commercial passenger transport covering all persons on board as passengers – except the Flight Instructor!

As a flying school you do not just provide practical training but mostly also theoretical training. To protect you against any demands within your premises you should take out also a Premises Legal Liability, if not elsewhere covered.

Under the Premises Legal Liability coverage is granted for bodily injury and property damage around your premises and elsewhere in course of your school activity. The coverage can include subsidiary insurance coverage for vehicle airside and can be extended to include your liability as tenant of premises.