Airports and Airfields

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As an Operator or Owner of an Airport, Airfield or a Heliport accessible to third parties you are exposed to risks and hazards in either the public or secured area airside. Your organization’s activities could lead to liability for damage to third parties’ property, for personal injuries occurring at these locations and alleged surroundings but also for environmental harm providing fueling services.

Your exposures depend on the size of the facility and the different services your organisation is providing at the location.

Therefore it is essential to analyse your exposures, your needs for Insurance coverage in order to take out the right insurances. We assist you herein.

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Airports and Airfields

As Operator of an airport or similar facilities you are responsible for a huge number of different activities to provide a full service to your clients. You can provide all these by your organisation or with a third party contractors. Important to take out the correct insurance for your company as well as for a third-party contractor, if the work has been assigned to it. The following activities are insurable airport services:

  • to aircraft on ground: e.g. ground handling, hangar-keeping, refuelling, de-icing, cleaning after and preparation for flight
  • to passengers: e.g. Check-in, baggage handling, catering, transports, conveyance, lost and found
  • to aircrew: e.g.
  • for safety and security: ATC services, passenger and baggage check, X-ray monitoring, emergency services, car parking, all kind of maintenance of the premises and surroundings

The Airport can cover its exposures and hazards with an Airport Liability Insurance. If a third-party contractor is involved the contract between the parties governs whether the airport or the third-party service provider is assuming the liability for its activities. The third-party contractor usually takes out insurance by himself.

The coverage for an airport contains as a standard General Legal Liability Insurance covering incidental damage to property and bodily injury to third parties:

Premises of the airport and alleged surroundings, including cover for vehicles airside and Environmental Harm

with the elements as required as

  • Ground Handler
  • Hangar Keeper
  • Fuel provider
  • Provider of Services
  • Other elements to be added as needed.

You are invited to contact us in order to assess together your needs and provide you with a tailor-made solution which fully fits your needs.